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Taking care of your eyes is very important but, there are a large number of people who are afraid of eye doctors or optometrists. They are afraid of procedures as well as what they might be diagnosed with. By consulting an eye care specialist, you will be able to detect any kind of eyes problems at an earlier stage. Eyes are delicate and we have to take care of them in a better way for avoiding future big problems.

Choosing the right eye care service provider is very important. When you will consult a medical Doctor, he will, first of all, check your vision, look for the disease and then provide the prescription. Some eye problems may also lead to high blood pressure as well as diabetes sometimes. Qualified eye doctors provide you with an educational, comfortable as well as fulfilling eye-care experience.

Primary Eye Care

Primary eye care is a constitutional part of comprehensive eye care. It is helpful in the prevention of visual impairment, blindness and is also used for reducing ocular morbidity. Primary eye care is the front line activity which provides eye care service by identifying it at an earlier stage before avoiding any serious medical condition in future.

Essential elements of primary eye care services include the following –

  • Performing the comprehensive examination of a visual system.
  • Providing education to patients about promoting and maintaining a healthy vision.
  • Screening for various eye diseases as well as conditions which are affecting vision.
  • Making a definitive and differential diagnosis for any abnormalities which are detected.
  • Identifying ocular manifestations of systemic diseases as well as systemic effects of available ocular medications.
  • Performing refractions.
  • By making use of appropriate therapies, a specific treatment plan and treating patients’ eye care needs are decided.
  • Service provided of prescribing and fitting optical aids such as contact lenses and glasses.
  • Educating and counseling patients about their eye conditions.
  • Determine when to triage the patient for referring to specialists and more specialized care as needed.
  • Following up with patients for monitoring their compliance in advising – surgery, referral, review visits or medications.
  • Recognizing as well as managing local and systemic effects of drug therapy.
  • Coordinating care along with other available physicians involved in the patient’s medical management.

For the welfare of you as well as your family health, regular examination of eyes is very important. Make sure to yearly visit to your eye-care specialist who will ensure the wellness of your eyes. If you are facing any kind of discomfort in eyes or vision deficiency then do not wait for the yearly appointment.

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