Tips to Wear and take Proper Care of your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have always turned out to be helpful in correcting vision problems without causing much hassle to the person who is wearing the same. You just never need to carry something externally, they become a part of your eyes and help you carry on your day to day activities. But wearing them and taking care of them requires certain tips to be followed. Let’s have a look:

Tips to wear contact lenses

  • The prerequisites

Before you start with wearing contact lenses you must always make sure that your hands are clean. In fact, before every use you must wash your hands and dry them. Avoid using any moisturizing lotion in your hands at this stage. Make sure that your contact lens is dipped in the solution before you take it out.

  • The procedure to wear contacts

1. Place the lens at your index finger and in order to avoid any confusion you can always opt for wearing your right eye contact lens first.

2. Use your other hand to hold your upper and lower eye lid of the eye you are going to wear contacts in. This is done so because you are certainly going to blink if you are a newbie.

3. Close your eye once you are done with the same and roll your eye. This helps the lens to settle down at its position. Blinking can help too to settle the lens.

4. In case your eyes are getting irritated, remove the contact lenses.

  • Removing the lenses

Removing the contact lenses is one of the easiest jobs. Always use clean hands for the same too.

1. Look up that is towards the ceiling and pull the lower eyelid from the other hand.

2. Touch the lower edge of the lens with your index finger and slide down the lens.

3. Hold the lens gently between your index finger and thumb and remove the lens.

4. You must take care of the order in which you remove contact lenses in order to avoid any confusion.

Taking care of contact lenses

The under mentioned steps can always help you take care of your contact lenses:

      • Avoid water

In order to keep lens clean, the lens cleaning solution are available in market and you must avoid direct contact of lenses with water. You must avoid wearing contact lenses during swimming or other practices that involve water.

      • The right storage

Use the storage medium for contact lenses as prescribed by the optician. The lens case must contain the solution in order to keep the contact lenses wet. Keeping the lenses dry would make them inefficient for storage. In case your contact lens case is broken or damaged, avoid using the same.

      • Go with the schedule

When you opt for contact lenses, the optician always provides you with the information about how long you should wear the contact lenses. One must never cross this limits and go as per the schedule because this always deteriorate the performance of your contact lens and can also damage your eyes. Never stretch the usage of contact lenses beyond their limit.

      • Change the solution too

There would be times when your lens cleaning solution would expire, you must take this into consideration and replace it in a timely fashion. Better the solution you have, better would be the performance of your contact lenses. Always make fresh use of solution to rinse your contact lenses and avoid reusing the same.

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