Ratio of time Wearing Contact Lenses vs. time in wearing Eyeglasses

If you are going through vision problem, then you must have been through the question whether you should wear contact lenses or eyeglasses and how much time you should divide wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses. Every coin has two sides and same is the answer to this question. Above style, you must choose the one you are comfortable in and for this you need to take many things into consideration.

The below mentioned points about contact lenses and eye glasses will help you analyze that which one you should prefer.

Contact Lenses

The advent of technology has made the contact lenses flexible to be worn all day long. The contact lenses are so flexible today that you can even wear them to sleep.

Do we really need eye glasses?

If so much flexibility and comfort is being offered by contact lenses then why would even one think about eyeglasses? Well certainly one would as you might need to switch to eyeglasses once in a while. When you have been wearing contact lenses for too long, your eyes need rest, which you can always consider as a timeout session.

The best part is that the break your eyes need is not really too long. Occasional timeouts is something that can make your eyes stay healthy for the longer run.

Time to switch to eye glasses with different types of contact lenses:

Today there are different types of contact lenses available in the market and based upon the one you use, you will have to switch from contact lenses to eye glasses.

  • Daily use contact lenses

Often a time limit is attached to contact lenses which can be either 7 to 8 hours or 10 to 12 hours, based upon the type of contact lenses you buy. However, it is highly suggested by optometrists that one should follow these time spans attached with contact lenses as over using them can lead your eyes into a trouble zone. After the time limit is over you must switch to eye glasses.

You must take out the contact lenses at night and at no point you should wear these type of lenses to sleep. In order to keep your eyes healthy for the longer run, you can always switch to eyeglasses during weekends or the days when you do not really have much work load. This will eliminate the consistent pressure on your eyes.

  • Extended wear contact lenses

The flexible contact lenses allow you wear them for more than a day and you can easily wear them to sleep. But optometrists suggest that it is not always right. You can give your eyes a break every time you are going to change your pair of lenses. A day’s or two’s break will be enough and can help your eyes to be strain free. At least once a week you must remove your extended eye glasses.

Your eyes are special and in order to keep them healthy in the longer run, you must know what is suitable for your eyes and to what extent. The ratio of time between wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses should be adequate as it will help you carry everything along be it the style, comfort level or your care for your eyes.

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