Improve Vision for an Improved Life

Eyes are an essential part of our body. We are busy in taking care of our hair, skin and other parts of the body except our eyes. For maintaining the quality of life, protecting your eyesight is important. The risk of a vision loss, increase with age. As some of the major causes for low vision and blindness are different age-related diseases, for example cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

It is important to note that some of the sight-threatening problems for eyes usually affect almost one in six adults with age of Fourth-five and older.

Protective eye care tips

Protecting your eyesight and keeping them healthy is very important. Some of the best eye care tips which will help you to improve your eyesight are

  • Check out whether you are at high risk for eye disease

You need to be aware of the health history of your family. Check whether any of your family have a high blood pressure, history or may suffer from diabetes. Are you above the age of sixty-five? Any of these mentioned factors will increase the chances of occurrence of an eye-disease. Regular exams conducted for eyes are very important. Early diagnosing of an eye problem will surely limit a vision loss as well as preserve your eyesight.

  • Go for regular exams for checking high blood pressure and diabetes

You need to go for regular checkups for diabetes and high blood pressure. If you are suffering from these health problems and they are further left untreated then these diseases will further cause eye problems. These health problems may also sometimes also lead to vision loss also.

  • Be alert for warning signs of change in vision

Consult your doctor immediately, if you start noticing a change in your vision. Some of the most common symptoms of vision problems include hazy vision, facing difficulty for seeing in low light, double vision, red eyes, water from eyes, eye pain, and swelling.

  • Do regular exercise

Doing regular exercises will not only help you to maintain good health, but will also help you to improve vision for your eyes. According to one survey, it has been noted that regular walking is helpful in reducing macular degeneration up to seventy percent.

  • Eat healthy diet

Different studies have shown that eating healthy food will also reduce the chances of vision loss. Antioxidants, which we get from a healthy food reduce the risk of eye problems. By eating a diet with green vegetables and fruits, you can get antioxidants.

  • Protection of eyes from harmful UV rays

Always wear sunglasses when you want to go out during daytime. Sunglasses will help you in shielding eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Wearing sunglasses while going out during daytime will also reduce the chances of pinguecula, cataracts, and other major eye problems.

  • In at least every two years, go for an eye checkup

The comprehensive eye test will surely determine the risk of problem in the eyes. An eye exam is also helpful in the prescription of contact lenses or eyeglasses. Go for a routine checkup at Georgian Optometry, where you will get all kinds of eye care services such as right contact lens, glass service etc.

In addition, make sure to wear safety glasses when you will be going to work on the tools for preventing eye injuries. Having a regular eye exam as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle is helpful in decreasing the chances of occurrence of eye problems.

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