Importance of Regular Eye Exams for Kids

Some parents often neglect eye health of their kids- they believe that small children are unlikely to get any kind of vision problem. If there is any symptom in kids’ vision, parents should take them to eye doctors’ immediately. Children also suffer from vision problems of some sort, due to different reasons.

Children always need basic visual skills for good learning, such as distance vision, near vision, binocular coordination, focusing skills, eye movement skills, peripheral skills and eye coordination.

You need to keep in mind these below mentioned essential points for children healthy eyecare –

  • Early detection and treatment of vision problems are crucial for children. It is estimated that five percent of preschoolers and twenty-five percent of school-aged children suffer from various vision problems. According to eye-specialists, it is recommends that children must get comprehensive eye exams at six months of age, three years of age and six years of age.
  • Usually most of the children receive their first eye exam from a pediatrician or a family doctor. Once suspected problems are found, parents should take their children to professional ophthalmologist or optometrist for further examination with specific instruments. Children’s eye exams include eyeglasses determination, vision testing, eye alignment testing and probably, a parent education.
  • After making an appointment with a doctor, Parents need to fill history form about their children.The form may ask for children’s full-term issue, birth weight, current medications, pregnancy or delivery complications, and present allergies.
  • Parents should feel free to tell the doctor all of their children’s eye conditions, such as excessive blinks, frequent eye rubbing, poor eye tracking skills, eye contact failure, as well as previous ocular diagnoses and treatments, family eye problems history etc.
  • Children’s of three or four months old should receive eye tests to check whether they have developed required color vision, focusing skills, and depth perception. Pupil response tests can show that whether the children’s eye pupil opens and closes properly in the presence or absence of light.
  • Children may also be tested that whether they can focus and follow moving objectives. Blank and stripe cards can be used to evaluate infants’ preferential looking skills. Eye problems on children such as lazy eye must be detected and treated as early as possible, since good vision is critical for school performance.

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