10 Tips to Take Care of your Eye Glasses

If you wear eye glasses then you might be aware that it is not an easy job to take care of your glasses every moment, however the same is equally important as it determines what you are exactly going to see and whether you are going to see something clear or not. In case your eye glasses are not maintained properly, chances exist that you can cause more harm to your eyes and vision.

The under mentioned 10 tips would turn out to be useful for you every day to take care of your eye glasses:

  • Use water to rinse your glasses at regular time intervals

Since eye glasses are to be worn on eyes, they always protect eyes from dust and other harmful substances, which for most of the tomes get trapped on the surface of glasses and can deteriorate your vision. You can always use water to rinse your glasses with water at least twice a day.

  • Choose the eye glasses care cloth

When you use cloth to clean your eye glasses, you should always prefer a clean cloth and moreover the fiber of the cloth should also be taken into care as it should not cause any form of scratches or harm on the surface of your eye glasses. There are special cloths for cleaning eye glasses and you can preferably opt for them.

  • Choose the right case for your eye glasses

The storage of your eye glasses should be chosen wisely as the right case can determine the lifetime of your eyeglasses. Whenever you are not using the glasses, preferably try keeping them in a case which would protect your eye glasses.

  • The position of eye glasses when not in use

Usually when we do not use eye glasses, we keep them on lens surface which can damage the eye glasses, so one should always place them with utmost care.

  • How to hold eye glasses while cleaning

When you are cleaning eye glasses, using any cloth you must hold it firmly as the chances of bending eye glasses are really high. Hold eye glasses from the centerpiece of the frame so that the frame does not get broken or becomes weak.

  • Use the right chemicals

Today there are different sprays or chemicals that are available to clean your eye glasses, you should choose the right chemicals that do not have any adverse effects on the lens material.

  • Do not use tissues, towels or napkins

One must avoid the mistake of using something rough in order to clean eye glasses. Avoid using tissues, towels or hard napkins that can produce scratches on your eye glasses.

  • Avoid putting glasses on the top of your head

You must avoid putting eye glasses on the top of your head, when you are not using because the oil from the hair often makes its way to the glasses and leaving them dirty and unhealthy to use.

  • Avoid touching directly from hands

When you are wearing or taking off eye glasses you must avoid directly touching it from finger as it often leave finger prints on the surface of eye glasses. This makes the surface and unclean.

  • Maintain an eye glass care kit

The eye glass care kit should be maintained by everyone who possess eye glasses. The kit involves certain tools that you might require from time to time. Buying it would be fruitful.

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