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Specialty Services

1. Advanced Eye Health Imaging Technologies.

We are proud to offer advanced technologies in the detection and management of eye diseases and disorders. Click here to visit our technology page.

2. Laser Vision Consultations.

We are pleased to offer laser refractive surgery consultations. We perform the clinical workup required to determine corrective laser surgery eligibility as well as post laser care. We are not exclusively affiliated with any one laser centre but deal with all reputable laser centres..

3. Emergency Eye Care Services.

In order to reduce the emergency room congestion, we provide emergency services to anyone that requires emergency care during our office hours. We can diagnose and manage many ocular emergencies in our office. For the remaining cases, our doctors provide full reports which can expedite your care in the case you need to visit the emergency room.

4. Ministry of Transportation Testing.

Our office is equipped to provide the necessary tests to fill out ministry of transportation forms to determine eligibility for driving. We also provide ministry forms for those patients who require them.

5. Occupational/Specialty Testing.

Our doctors are able to test and fill forms required when applying to specific occupations such as the police, firefighters, pilots, armed forces, train operators, etc. Specialized tests such as depth perception, colour vision (Ishihara and D-15) and specific peripheral vision testing required for these application are performed at our office.

6. Prescription Eyeglass fitting by licenced opticians.

Click here to see our Eyewear page for details!

7. Prescription and non-prescription sunglass fitting.

Click here to see our Eyewear page for details!

8. Contact lens fitting and training.

Click here to see our Contact Lens page for details!

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