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Eye Exam Barrie

Comprehensive Eye Health and Vision Examinations

There can be several reasons for presenting for an eye examination:

Eye Examination

During a comprehensive eye examination several aspects of vision are tested:

Central Vision:

Central Vision

Your ability to see detail. Different methods can be employed based on literacy, age and comprehension.

Peripheral Vision:

Peripheral Vision

Digital side vision testing is performed on all patients 14 years and older during an eye examination. Abnormalities in the eye, along the optic nerve and in the brain can be detected by this test.

Muscle Balance:

Muscle Balance

A variety of tests are employed to make sure your eyes move accurately together. Abnormalities in muscle balance can cause decreased attention span, headaches, double vision and difficult transitioning vision amongst other symptoms. These issues are independent of requiring glasses.

Ocular Health:

Ocular Health

The internal and external health of the eyes are examined thoroughly for dry eye, infections, inflammation, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and more. We are pleased to provide advanced technologies and therapies combined with proven natural therapies to treat your eyes.

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